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“Rerun failed tests” time savings in Web App    

The CircleCI web app now shows how much time is saved on each job that uses the “rerun failed tests” feature.

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Error summarization experiment available in the web app    

Upon encountering a failed step, users now can solicit guidance at the press of a button. This takes away the need to copy and paste the error message into your favorite search engine to find out what the problem might be and how to fix it.

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September Android VM & Convenience (Docker) Image Update    

Firebase CLI was added this month, and our build tools offerings were expanded to include 3 versions of build tools, otherwise just software updates this month.

Discuss post provides more details on the updated VM (docker) image.


Using GitHub App to authorize new organizations    

GitHub authorization with CircleCI has changed for new organizations. When you authorize your CircleCI account with GitHub, you may find this will be done through our GitHub App, rather than the GitHub OAuth app. You can see which account type your organization has by heading to the CircleCI web app and inspecting the URL in your browser:

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“Rerun failed tests” badge in web app    

A badge in the CircleCI web app now indicates when a workflow used the “rerun failed tests” feature.

VS Code extension support for Gitlab and Github App projects    

It is now possible to monitor Gitlab and Github App projects through the VS Code extension. At this stage, these projects are not detected automatically by VS Code, but they can be selected manually through the settings page.

Invites are now required to join existing GitHub organizations on CircleCI    

New users who are joining existing GitHub organizations on CircleCI will now need an invitation from an org member that is already registered for CircleCI. Read more on our community forum.

Arm support for Docker executor now Generally Available    

ARM support for CircleCI’s Docker executor is now generally available. These resource classes have twice the RAM as x86 Docker resource classes.

To get started today, visit our community forum.

Convenience images built for ARM    

The majority of CircleCI’s convenience images are now built for Arm in addition to x86. These images can be used with CircleCI’s Docker executor.

A full list of Arm supported images can be found on CircleCI’s community forum.

Improvements to “Rerun” dropdown in the CircleCI web app     

If a job is not set up to use the “rerun failed tests” feature, the UI now reads: “Set up rerun failed tests” and links directly to the “rerun failed tests” documentation.